About the Company

We are glad to introduce you our Company - «Turnkey Intelligent Systems». Our Company is represented by unique staff of experts in Business, Management, System Integration, Logistics, Computer Technologies as well as high professional lawyers, engineers and economists.

Turn-key means that our Company does all the work for you: from information gathering and to system implementation  

We do the work for you, but we also work WITH you to

«Turnkey Intelligent Systems» is ready to cooperate in different fields: market research, marketing analysis, economic study, business analysis, financial review and technical appraisal. We also can offer you assistance in Feasibility Study, Design Estimates, Information systems development and implementation.  

Since 2007 «Turnkey Intelligent Systems» has come to market of consultation and analytic services. Every our client may expect to receive an individual approach by experienced and skilled members of our Company who take pride in providing our customers with quality and on-time services.